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  • Firstly, thanks for your responses people.

    At this stage I am trying to get a handle on investment structures prior to seeing an accountant (So I at least have a foundation of understanding, which will, hopefully, minimise the chances of my accountant loosing me in a pile of jargon). I’ve read Weath Guardian and I have trust magic on its way to…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by The Mortgage Adviser:

    The best way around this I have seen is one of my clients who bought all his properties in a company name. There is more choice when using a company name. The shares of the company were all owned by the family discretionary trust. Any dividends were paid to the trust and distributed as the executors saw…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your replies.

    So basically don’t worry about the bore. So I take it that it wont add much more value to my house then it is costs.

    My main issue here is equity. Getting tenants is not a problem. I would however like to up my equity so I can borrow against for another property. That is why I am thinking garden, the retic is an…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the replies everyone.

    I think the solution may be a combination of methods. One of which is bringing $10K into the country when she comes back once per year.

    Can anyone recommend an off shore specialist?

    C2, What would be involved in being a non taxable resident living o/s?

    OzpatinQ8, I have looked into the 91 day offshore clause in…[Read more]

  • Joff,

    Yeah I would ask your Mortgage broker if you are using one. They can arrange a deposit bond for a percentage of the amount of the bond. They are not done through the bank but through a third party. I was going to get one for an auction (but decided not to bid in the end) The name of the company that provides the deposit bond escapes me, but…[Read more]

  • Neo,

    Yeah I’m not expert, but with regards to extending the building and making extra profit, it really depends on the building and location as to whether that kind of improvement is something that people will see as a benefit (and how much of a benefit) for that area and that paticular property.

    Don’t know of any formula for calculating the…[Read more]

  • Yeah thanks 4walls,

    I thought that would be the case because you cannot depreciate something that does not effectively incur any “wear and tear”. I must re read that section in the book as I may have interpreted it incorrectly.

    Thanks again


  • Hi Everyone!

    Good to get some support!!
    The general idea of this type of network is as Justin mentioned, to share ideas, information, opinions and in general to make friends, contacts with like minded people so that we can all benefit from each others knowledge and expirence.

    I know Tracy wants to drive this and will be getting something…[Read more]

  • Tracy,

    Thanks for the reply.
    Sorry, when I said inner city suburbs I may not have been very clear. I definately do not have any plans to buy anything in the CBD! What I was refering to is closer to the city suburbs, ie. 10km radius of the CBD.

    I have just purchased a property in Belmont as it is close to the city, there has been a lot of…[Read more]

  • Hi Tracy,

    I am quite new to property investment having just purchased my first property and am currently doing some research / developing a strategy for next financial year so that I may purchase at least another property before December.

    I found your idea about developing a network of Perth investors interesting, what do you have in mind? What…[Read more]

  • Hi there Neo,

    I have just recently purchased my first home and I will be doing something similar to what you are thinking of doing.

    My understanding is that as long as the house that you have applied for the grant for is your principle place of residence within the first 12 months after settlement that you will qualify for the FHOG. Therefore…[Read more]

  • Thats a fantastic Idea Tiffany. Well done. I have done door knocks before asking people if they would be interested in selling their property, but unfortunately I did not have much success. I would love a copy of your flyer. If you could foward to me that would be most appreciated!!



  • Andrew,

    Thanks for the reply. Do you happen to have Stuarts email address so that I can contact him?



  • David,

    Thanks for the advice. I had a look at your web page and was impressed, very comprehensive services that you offer! How do you structure your consultancy, is it like a mortgage broker / real estate agent, where if you find a suitable loan product and or property you receive a fee from the lender / agent?

    Thanks, once again


  • Petra,

    Thanks for your reply. So what you are saying is that it is possible to make these lump sum replayments into a IO loan but there may be fees attached… OK Now would these lump sum payments come off your principle and hence affect your future IO replayments by reducing them?



  • Thanks for the reply trueblue. With regards to the actual rental income derived from renting part of the house out, substaintating the income to the bank will just be a matter presenting the bank with a rental contract and receipts?


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