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    I’ve just listened to the FastTrack and am most impressed. Does anyone have any reviews on Property Secrets Revealed pack and also on Buyer Beware?
    Specifically, are they worth buying now or should I wait for Wrap Secrets Revealed to be back in stock? I haven’t yet decided whether to go down the wraps path or to stick with buy and hold.



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    Hi there RC,

    I would have to definitely recommend ‘BUYER BEWARE’. I think this product is essential no matter what your strategy is (WRAPS etc) in regards to property. It is even worthwhile getting it if you are purchasing your first home to live in. The book has a number of templates that guide you through all stages of property investing. It even gives you ‘subject clauses’ to put into your offer when buying.

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    Hi RC,
    I’m halfway through Property secrets revealed. Based on what I’ve learnt so far I’d say it’s a valuable tool for anyone interested in making money by investing in property.I to started with fast track and now I’m hooked on Steve’s philosophies. Hope this is of some help to you.


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    Hi RC

    I too listened to Fast Track a couple of days ago and insisted that my partner (husband) also listen to it. I really expected it to be all fluff and a basic marketing hype. I was most surprised to find it had some meat on the bones. So we decided to purchase the Buyer Beware/ Property Secrets Revealed combo. I received BB within a minute and the PSR within 48 hours, most impressed.

    I have only just finished BB a few miutes ago and am very pleased that I bought it. However, in all honesty I did feel it could have been a bit more revealing. But as a starting platform it was most definately worth it. I can now move onto other products to further gain the knowledge that will make me a success. I do think that the templates included in BB are worth the money alone.

    Go for it, it is a small cost to get started the right way.

    Cheers & Good Luck
    Leigh K

    PS: Steve thats one more chq you need to send me [:P]

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