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    All Wrappers…..

    Scenario : I buy a house for $60K, Wrap it for $80K.
    The purchaser pays me out in three years (better rates). I have diligently paid all my tax on capital gains on every payment.

    Question : How is the closing Capital gains treated (when payed out).
    Do I pay top marginal Rate or does the one year rule apply and I only have to pay 50% of top marginal rate [?][?][?]

    Look forward to your postings….


    AD [:0)]

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    In your circumstance outlined here, my opinion is that when you are cashed out in three years time you would need to pay the balance of the CGT… probably on a gain of about $19,000.

    Now, the actual amount of tax that you pay would depend on the entity you have purchased the property in and your own personal ‘structure’.

    If you purchased it in a company, the you would pay tax at a flat 30% ($5,700).

    In your own name you would get a 50% exemption, but you may pay at the top marginal rate???…???

    I suggest you talk to Mark about this when you meet with him in the next few days.


    Steve McKnight

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