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  • yarpos,You mean landlord insurance? Not compulsory but I'll have to look into it with such a decent rental return, and in that case, I'm sure they'll check these points. Have to verify even if they've got a bond down.

  • Thanks for that. Have due diligence with the council on my letter of offer as well. And will check for the smoke alarms. Seems they were made compulsory here in Victoria some time ago. Will have to read up some more on the units. Re student accommodation, it wouldn't technically be defined as "student accommodation". It's just a basic 4 bedroom…[Read more]

  • Scott No Mates wrote:
    You may need to check into this but I would suggest get the development approvals etc to maximise the value of the property, then get the place valued by a valuer (instructions that the building is to be valued as a development site with DA/CC in place) – this will maximise your cgt free portion (ppor). Then transfer the…[Read more]

  • tch replied to the topic Maribyrnong in the forum General Property 14 years ago

    Has anyone got a link for more recent stats like this (the above ones are from 2003/04)? I'm not disputing the west is no more worse than some eastern suburbs argument, I just want these kinds of stats. I remember there was one car insurance site where you could extract some of these stats by changing the suburb you were housing a car in but it…[Read more]

  • tch replied to the topic What are cash reserves? in the forum Finance 14 years, 1 month ago

    Elkam,Thanks. I was a bit presumptious in my post but you've cleared up what I wanted to know. Thanks again.

  • tch replied to the topic What are cash reserves? in the forum Finance 14 years, 1 month ago

    Firstly, thanks for the responses.

    elkam wrote:
    I thought Steve meant money in the bank. So if you have loans totalling $200K then he recommends having $60K cash available.

    By "loans", do you don't mean the initial amount or rather what's owing on them?

    foundation wrote:
    The problem with 'equity' is that it isn't cash.

    I would've thought…[Read more]


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