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  • Sis

    Sorry for the wrong info on my last post. I was unaware of this, but I suppose that is why i come, to learn new stuff from the more experienced people.


    “Together we combine our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses”

  • Hello

    Please add me to your growing list as I would also like a copy.

    strw (at)

    I dont know about your email provider but some will host a webpage for you for free. If you can do this next time you might find it easier tjust to upload it and post a link and everybody can get it from there. Saves you from getting rsi and sitting…[Read more]

  • strw23 replied to the topic WA Investors in the forum Heads Up! 16 years, 5 months ago

    Moora……..beware the flood waters

    Hello All

    I have to agree with procrastenator. Last year or the one before that, I forget, Moora had two major floods wich devistated the town within about 4 months of each other. Now with the hospital not being upgraded I would not recomend buying up there. I found it funny that the local police had…[Read more]

  • Hello

    Isnt there some webpage or office that you can ring to find out the date a property was last sold and for how much. I remember reading about it once, this would make a great research tool. Does anybody know the place I am talking about and how to contact them?


    “Together we combine our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses”

  • quote:
    WA is lovely though. Investing in Mandurah and around there could be very good though, it’s going to be awesome, they are building a train line finished in 2007 and it will take 48minutes to perth – it also has lots more going for it, like the top regional area for employment, fast growing, etc etc

    Hello Mini

    Investing in Mandurah may be…[Read more]

  • Hello SIS

    No. thats why it is called the first home owners grant, not the first ppor grant.


    “Together we combine our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses”

  • Hello Xenia

    Following on from S.I.S. Robert also sells kids and adult board games that teach people how to invest and make money. I have never played these games but have heard they are good. They are a little on the expensive side at around $100-$300 but thats not much really for a good head start. I dont have his web address in front of me…[Read more]

  • Hello All

    Depending on the vendor you need to be very carefull when writing subject to finance. If that is all you have written and you get knocked back before settlement is due I think the vendor has the right to make you continue looking for finance with other lending companies until the due date. It is better to write subject to finance from…[Read more]

  • quote:This would then mean we’d have to pay more rent (although, we would then get some of that difference back in rent assistance).


    Be careful I dont know your situation properly but I am under the impression that if you buy your own house you are no longer entitled to rent assistance as you are now a property owner. Something to keep in…[Read more]

  • Here are some of the terms we use to describe blokes at work

    Not very bright and need to be carried

    Slow to act and gives everyone the s.hits

    Slow working dope


    “Together we combine our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses”

  • Allan

    If the +cf from you ip on top of your pension took you over the tax free threshold then yes you would have to pay tax on it. In regards to your other question I think you can only get back as much tax as what you have paid out, and after that amount you get back tax credits. If you dont pay any tax at all at the moment you must be careful…[Read more]

  • quote:

    8. If you are above ground today…..its a good day for you. Stop……smell the roses…..jump in puddles…..go pantyless to work…live out your biggest fantasy (yes mine is naked men and all the chocolate in the world!!)..enjoy today!! Tomorrow just might not make it here.


    Were do you work and Ill bring the chocolate.

    Merry…[Read more]

  • strw23 replied to the topic research in the forum General Property 16 years, 5 months ago

    Hey Benno

    Myself, PeterP and a few others have been briefly talking about Gero on one of the other pages, check it out if you want to it may help a bit.


    “Together we combine our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses”

  • strw23 replied to the topic WA Investors in the forum Heads Up! 16 years, 5 months ago

    Hey Peterp

    That east/west thing is generally right with the exception of Mt Tarccola and Seascapes(a new suburb), which are on the east side of the highway. As for Geraldton in regard to growth i know it had seemed to be pretty stagnent to the point of going backwards before I left with a lot of shops empty. As you mentioned previously they are…[Read more]

  • quote:
    Now, if you continued this way unchanged, for the full duration of the loan – say 25 years – would that mean your total loan repayments will have only been $150,000 – that is, the same as your initial purchase price because the tax dept. effectively paid your interest?

    No. All the money you pay on interst is not just refunded to you. It…[Read more]

  • strw23 replied to the topic WA Investors in the forum No Subject 16 years, 6 months ago

    Hello Benno

    It depends on your stratergy as to were you should buy but I will give you a brief discription of some of the locations.

    Bad Areas

    Rangeway/Utakarra and Spalding
    There is the chance of getting +cf here but this area is full of homeswest housing, has a high a crime rate, full of unsavoury people and houses and cars get trashed on a…[Read more]

  • strw23 replied to the topic To Steve McKnight in the forum No Subject 16 years, 6 months ago

    Hey Steve

    Congratulations on becoming a parent. Now that your book has come out and you have a lot more exposure will you finally becoming to Perth to do a live seminar? I know there is a lot of interest in this and if you have already answered this Im sorry to bring it up again.


    “Together we combine our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses”

  • Hello Shawn

    Thanks for that its good to know. I hadnt actuall kept my recipts for my books but I will from now on.


    “Together we combine our strenghts and eliminate our weakness”

  • Hello M Spec

    I think it depends on what strategy your using as to wether you want to use io or p+i.

    When positive gearing you may find it better to use p+i because over time your repayments will get lower and thus increasing your positive return. After 25 years you will get to own the property but the downside to this is over time you decrease…[Read more]

  • Hello Allan

    As far as I know that is OK. I emailed the people from my local FHOG department about a year ago to find out how long you had to stay in a property for to be eligible and they basically told me that it didnt matter how long you were in there for as long as it was within the first year. This fact you should double check with your local…[Read more]

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