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  • From what I understand….No.

  • Hi Alistair,I found Stuart to be very knowledgeable and I'm sure if I had of gone with him everything would of been fine. Me personally I felt more comfortable with Chris Lang. Others may feel more comfortable with Stuart. Its just that If I had to choose who to go with I would pick Chris Lang over Stuart.I would suggest to Tracey maybe meeting…[Read more]

  • Yes I did. I ended up going with Chris Lang and he has been great, very happy with his work. I suggest you get your funding ready before contacting him (at least deposit anyway) as once you decide to use him as a buyers agent, a property can pop up very quickly.I initially had a meeting and further discussions with Stuart Bonning, however, myself…[Read more]

  • If it was me I would build up some more equity and avoid LMI, however some people prefer to pay LMI if they have to instead of waiting to build up equity especially if they think the investment property will gain more than the LMI cost  compared to the time period it would take to get LVR down to 80%……..Or get the investment property valued, b…[Read more]

  • I wouldn't buy in BM. Too far out from the city, a lot of land available, so no scarcity factor. If it was me I would be looking closer into the city even if it meant having to get an apartment/unit.P.

  • Reminds me of a few years ago…..probably more like 7 or 8. I bought a property in Brisbane area for 133k in 1998. I live in Melbourne and I recieved a call from a real estae agent from the Brisbane area offering me 145k for the house. This was around 2002/2003.I said "has it really only gone up 10k in 5 or so years" and they were quite sure…[Read more]

  • It was on a proposed development, so I'm not sure about the "without DA" or option over it. The townhouse size was 210m2 so around $1500 per m2.From my previous post………….Now the company…………..I have emailed them in regards to the "profit based on CG" and are awaiting their reply to see if they can explain themselves or maybe show m…[Read more]

  • Thanks D and Crusty, I know what you mean. If they could gaurantee that their performance is only half as good as their self promotion I'd be happy.I did a search on this forum on "michael yardney" and "metropole" and read all 364 or so topics. Most of it is fairly old though, around 2005, hence starting this topic to try and get some more up…[Read more]

  • Anyone ???????………………… maybe know one has used metropole before………………..from this forum anyway…………………Michael Yardney……… anyone……….

  • Pascoe replied to the topic Another Newbie in the forum Help Needed! 9 years, 9 months ago

    I found the Jan Somers books, easy and interesting to read. Her first one I read was way back in 92 I think, but I have read them over and over again.

  • Havnt got feasibility in front of me, but it was around 320k for each townhouse. 800k land, 2 x 320k townhouses = 1440k, rest of 160k is other fees, ie their management, stamps, town planning, contingency etc etc.Now the company…………..I have emailed them in regards to the "profit based on CG" and are awaiting their reply to see if they can…[Read more]

  • 2 double storey townhouses. The feasibility is on a proposed development, so nothing has even been purchased, therefore whole feasibilty is based on getting 8.5% cap gain from today (if bought today) until 30 months later, to give you the 20% profit margin.

  • Thanks all for your replys, 20% in todays market sounds better. fredo, the 30 months started from the purchase of the development site. Total development cost 1.7mMonth 1 – PurchaseMonth 3 – SettlementMonth 20 – Start ConstructionMonth 30 – Construction finished, able to be rented or sold – 2.0million (as long as 8.5% per annum cap gain over 30…[Read more]


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