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  • velocit1701 wrote:
    Hi NaomiI think I can be of assistance. Have dropped you an email.RegardsLou

    Hey Lou, i've replied, let me know if you didn't receive my email.Kind Regards,Naomi

  • Event Horizon wrote:
    im confused,  an interior designer who needs renovation advise, you should know this stuff and know how to build, how do you document your drawings, what are your qualifications if you dont mind me asking. 

    There is alot of difference between designing the interior of a home and buying, renovating & selling a home. Im not…[Read more]

  • CherryInteriors replied to the topic Adding internal walls? in the forum Value Adding 15 years ago

    As far s i know any structural changes need to be council approved. You might be better off just calling the council..Depends on your council, some are quick, some will set you back weeks – months.On the topic of council approval, do you need to get permission to put in a meter high deck? i know you need permission for i guess this could…[Read more]

  • CherryInteriors replied to the topic kitchen benchtop info required in the forum Value Adding 15 years ago

    Ive sprayed melamine before with a spray paint primer and then with a satin black on white. it does scratch very easily, i think you'd be better off getting new doors. I believe ikea sell them for $5 a door.But in saying that, wood should be fine.Be careful that you dont spend a fortune on the handles as they do add up quickly. Iv'e seen them a…[Read more]

  • I can by correspondence, depends what you need?For investment properties you'd probably just require wet areas and layouts I'm assuming?Please send me a detailed email or call me (0423 203 472) to discuss further arrangements.Regards,Naomi

  • I havn't used corian before, so i wouldn't know what its like.. looks good at first, but i dont know what the wear and tear is like. what is it cost wise? i think the heat resistant quality and the fact that it can be seamless is a plus.I'd imagine you'd get the same quality splash backs from glass.While i agree that stainless steel is hard to…[Read more]

  • CherryInteriors replied to the topic Best Means in the forum A carport is always a plus. 15 years ago

    A carport is always a plus. especially if there is only one garage space or if the property is a 3 – 4 bedroom home, you may find that all 3 or 4 tenants will have a car.Personally i think its worth putting in a fresh kitchen bathroom and laundry if budget permits.

  • mrs p wrote:
    Hi JackI am interested to know your views on other surfaces such as caesar and essa stone?Have you heard much or had much to do with them-also proces wise?Cheers, mrs p

    As far as i know, "Ceasar and essa stone" are just manufacturers of mainly quartz stone. Quartz stone is generally the most preffered option as it is the cheapest…[Read more]

  • NSW (sydney).I guess i should put that on my website…


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