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  • Went to an Tim Guest – Infinite Wealth workshop last night and some of the stuff he was saying sounded interesting. I guess if you do anything regularly you can become more expert on a range of things such as tax minimisation/strategies etc, etc… Resisted the offer of the $995 full day workshop at the end but if he has a couple of good ideas…[Read more]

  • Not sure Perth has a heap of great capital growth prospects at present… Smaller units close to the city might also be for airbnb rentals??

  • I know someone who may be coming into $500k or so if they can sell their home for about that. They are 51 or so, without a lot in super, the $500k property is their main asset…

    Without thinking about way to not sell it an use it as equity, the thought occurred to me that if they say were to buy 5 or so 1b/1b units for around about $200k each…[Read more]

  • Gazza

    I have already built a house in the past, so don't qualify for FHOG and the last time i tried to build a house in 2010 my wage was low enough that with some tweaking i could qualifiy for a Government assistance scheme in WA that would have allowed me to build and only pay $50 a week while i was still renting waiting for my house to be…[Read more]

  • Ok, well it seems i was lucky when i walked into the Westpac branch to arrange to see someone about taking out a personal loan that they made the appointment for the next day (Tuesday), so maybe i will just hold off seeing them today so that won't appear on my credit record…   smiley

    The deposit has been sitting in my bank account for the last 3…[Read more]

  • Ok, me again…   smiley   My lease at my rental is just about up and they want me to sign up for another 12 months and i don't want to rent that long, plus they are putting the rent up…

    Which means if i say no i have like 60 days or so to move out…  Not sure if i might be able to talk to the owners and maybe negotiate another month or so???

    So…[Read more]

  • Ahhh well, if it can get you over the first hurdle of getting into the loan/place…  Depends if you would genuinely be hocking yourself to the eyeballs to get a home, or whether it would just speed the process up a little including it not helping to be paying rental payments of close to what the weekly repayments would be plus trying to save up…[Read more]

  • Yeah i aim to hopefully get it up around $20,000 within several months, but with the money sitting around for a while it has drifted lower a little…  So that is the first thing to get the deposit amount back up…   Then if I could get a 95% LVR that should allow me hopefully to get the ball rolling…  Just have to find out which lenders all…[Read more]

  • Thanks Spiro, yeah there definitely is that factor of a broker being able to give me info on the whole range of what is available out there…  Is the industry pretty good these days in terms of them not directing you to loan products that THEY benefit out of so you will get the unvarnished truth?   May it also be the case that they have le…[Read more]

  • Paullie, if your wondering where all the people are, or are going to be, I imagine many more people are going to be happy to co-habit with others from now on…  In 2009 i moved in with a friend and lived with him in his place for about 18 months, going from a rent of $400/week to $130/week put an awful lot of money in my pocket….  I ev…[Read more]

  • vj, we will find out, but my thinking would be that i have a pretty decent credit history (have paid off several loans) and seeing that i would be swapping one debt for an equal amount and so my credit/debt situation would not be changing (i could then close or majorly reduce the credit limit on my first card)…   i guess its just up to them to a…[Read more]

  • yeah, i'm trying to figure this out myself, although always been more of a southy…Are you planning to buy and live in it and then sell eventually, buy and maybe ventually sub divide, buy and then maybe rent it out later?   Depending on the long term strategy might also impact on the decision…

  • g0b, I think the worst idea would be to flush the money down the toilet, so buying a car rates somewhere above that…   :o)For various reasons i am wanting to buy a property in WA which will most likely be my PPOR for at least a time until i move out and convert to an IP or buy another IP once equity has been built or another deposit saved, so n…[Read more]

  • Thanks Dave, will think all those things through…   And Duck, that sounds like an ok offer but not really wanting a Toyota (sure they are good and all) and not wanting to shell out for a new car….    so this strategy suits me more…   but for someone else the Toyota would probably be good…

  • Hi Dave…   Yeah i know the depreciating asset thing, but the only thing worse than the depreciating bit is paying high interest on something devaluing…   if i can at least save half the equation…  :o)   and thanks for that advice, this is getting better with all the tidbits i am picking up…  i am a pretty crappy negotiator so i am going t…[Read more]

  • Thanks Terry, that's a good idea about trying to avoid the fee and will try it, the only thing is if i bargain with the car yard (or several car yards to get the best package) i would want the RAC to come out and check the car before i finally bought it on maybe the next day…   i was going to stipulate on the contract "conditiional on it recei…[Read more]

  • Dan42, paying it off inside 12 months would be pretty tough, not impossible, but tough….  if for any reason i couldn't balance transfer to another low rate cc for another 12 months when the deal came towards its end i would probably try and take a personal loan out for the rest of the time…  even then, the interest saved paying 1 year of th…[Read more]

  • JacM, no you never buy stuff to earn frequent flyer points solely as its usually always cheaper to buy the thing direct….   i'm saying its a nice little bonus on the side….as for buying some property, i'm not 100% sure its exactly the right time to buy in at present….  it doesn't sound like there is going to be much appreciation in 2011 (u…[Read more]

  • Mark from South Lakes (Perth)bought and sold a house and made a tidy profit in 2003 (would have been tidier if we had hekd on), but starting again now, wanting to listen and learn and get ideas (and contribute where possible)…  the more uncertain the times the more you need to know what your doing and what your options are…   next year want to…[Read more]

  • Thomson, couple of things, i work in the agriculture and food industries and repeatedly hear there will be 9 billion people by 2050 and how are we going to feed all of these people with current land and water resources etc etc…  the thought always occurs to me it might be the other way around, if we don't have the food and land and water to f…[Read more]

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