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  • TMA a reputable agent will give you a list of recent sales in your area of properties sold that compare closely with your home. The fact is that most people will always go with the agent that gives them the highest figure. This is only natural because we all want the most we can get. Vendors need to be aware of these tatics from some agents, get…[Read more]

  • The fact that you think the $10,000 was to ensure that the agent gets paid is so wrong. The agent is the last to be paid, all the other parties are paid first and if there isn’t enough to cover the agents fees, then he/she misses out.

  • Thanks Luke,
    As a real estate rep, it really bugs me how people don’t see the fact that we don’t just list the property and then draw up a contract. There is so much that we do before, during and after the contract. Anyone can write up an offer but to get through some of the pitfalls, it takes expertise in handling these problems.

  • Hi
    All offers must be presented in WA. If an owner says he will not look at offers under a certain figure then the offer wouldn’t be written up. But as an agent I would verbally let them know that someone has indicated an interest in their property at x amount. In WA all offers must be in writting to have a contract. This offer must be presented…[Read more]

  • Hi Wayne
    If you get onto you will see photo’s of the $600,000 houses, they are listed with remax. They all look like they are taken at night. Must of already built them somewhere else and have reproduced the photo’s for the site


  • As a REA, I work hard for my money.Sure some deals are easy but we have a lot of difficult ones as well. If your agent can’t negotiate his/her fee and is willing to discount their fees in a hurry, what makes you think he/she is going to be able to negotiate with a purchaser in your best interest.
    As far as selling privately, sure some do it well,…[Read more]


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