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  • Seems to be working well for me,get a depriciation report done to maximise your paper losses.claim: interest, depriciation, council rates, water rates, insurance, maintenance, management fees etc.(keep all receipts relating to your property, go to a switched on accountant)

  • Adam.F replied to the topic Project manager wanted BADLY (Frankston area) in the forum Try Speedie Developments in 12 years, 7 months ago

    Try Speedie Developments in Hastings, also could go Watsons in Mornington or John Fitzgerald's also in mornington.not 100% if these guys do Frankston but i presume they would.

  • Adam.F replied to the topic Advice needed, first home buyer in the forum General Property 13 years ago

    sounds like a dutch auction to me, i wouldn't be giving too much information away if its been advertised for that long.push for your money back asap and suggest your only still half interested if the vendor is interested in selling.and also mate it is an investment, the biggest investment not everyone has the drive to make.

  • Adam.F replied to the topic Renting a house FROM your tennant in the forum Help Needed! 13 years ago

    Don't see why this would be a problem at all if set up correctly as above with fair market price rent etc, the idea was even aired on a current affair with that Paul Clithero or what ever his name is from the money magazine.

  • Adam.F replied to the topic to sell or stay? in the forum Help Needed! 13 years ago

    Just an idea but could you look at renting somewhere whilst turning your existing home into an investment property, this way you avoid all the costs of selling (e.g. real estate agent, solicitor, loan exit fees etc) and buying (stamp duty, establishment fees etc).just another angle

  • Laurie, I don't think you will go wrong anywhere around this region with the new freeway being built.I pretty much have done exactly what you are thinking of doing, i settled on my first house at the end of july last year in somerville which set me back $338k, moved in straight away and lived at the property for the minimum 6 months to ensure F…[Read more]


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