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    Considering a move to Dubai from London, where I currently work as an accountant earning £70,000 annually. While I’ve explored opportunities with recruiters in Dubai, I’m eager to gather more insights.

    Recently, we’ve invested in a 2-bedroom apartment in a residential development, looking forward to the potential opportunities it may offer. Here are my queries:

    What salary range is typical for professionals in Dubai compared to my current earnings in the UK? Will it be similar, or might it differ due to the unique tax-free status in the UAE?
    Can anyone recommend useful websites for job searching and settling into life in Dubai?
    Given an income equivalent to £70,000 per annum, what level of savings could I expect in Dubai, especially considering our growing family?
    What income threshold would ensure a comfortable lifestyle in Dubai while still allowing for financial security?
    Grateful for your insights. Thank you.

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    Hello and good day.

    I can not give you a lot about Dubai but I am currently living in KSA and it the same gulf region. I am Egyptian so I do not know rules/taxs in UK but I will give you my experince .

    Before working in KSA , I was comparing between KSA and Dubai , and I alredy visted both countries in busniness trips before choosing which one, finally I choosed KSA.


    Dubai is more expensive compared to Egypt and KSA , as you know it is all foreigners so yes no taxs on income but you get all services with its actuall price, either gas or fees on using roads , good apartment will cost around 60:80 K per year with UAE currency, but it is sparking country will a lot of opportunities , also take into consideration that a lot of Russian/Ukranian people migrated recently to UAE and this lead to more higher prices specially in homes.

    I am currently working in KSA which is simliar but with some differences , for example houses priceses is less than UAE , but also note that alchol and other stuffs not common in KSA like UAE , this why people from west used in KSA to be in closed compounds which will cost around 100:120K SAR per year and maybe more. For me I am renting two bedrooms for 35K SAR per year as I am Egyptian/Muslim and do not care for these stuffs.


    For food/schools/cars  it will be the same in KSA/UAE , as I know schools is free in UK but in gulf no and it is quite expensive as good school for kid could cost you around 20K SAR per year and if you need something good it will cost more.


    For me I moved to gulf for two main reasons , the currency which is better than Egyptian currency which is collapsing , and 2nd is no taxes on income which for my lifestyle will allow me to make more saving.


    I hope this help

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