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    I have just received a letter from my superannuation fund as I am approaching the age of 55. I am still working and plan to work for a few years yet. The superannuation funds is quite old which I started when I began in the workforce in the early 90’s. They mentioned that are i am entitled to receive the money now or setup up an income stream or rollover to another fund but I believe but have not confirmed there will be fees, the other option is to leave it there  between 55 to 65 I am not allowed to touch out. It will automatically be paid out at the age of 65. I have received financial advice and have been told to leave it there given the tax i will pay if I did something else.I believe the current retirement is 67

    Can I ask the experts out there what they would do? Is it the best option to just leave in there?…or could I get better return elsewhere with property for example. I have read about SMSF but people have mentioned they are expensive to setup and run. This is not the only super fund I have but the one I am trying to get advice is definitely my biggest.

    Thankyou in advance



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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