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    ✅ RSVP now ✍️ for our FIRST Brisbane Property Networking Group meetup of 2024! Coming up Tuesday, 30th January – doors open 6.10pm for a 6.30pm start.

    There is no other networking group like this one, with Queensland’s best property minds all in one room to provide the best resources for you to achieve massive results.

    First time attending? Entry is FREE! Click here and follow the prompts.

    Returning member? Click here for discounted entry.

    Here are 5 awesome reasons you need to join us in the room on the night:

    1. You’ll walk away with real strategies, insights and resources that you can implement immediately.
    2. Unlike other seminars, you won’t be pitched to on the night. That’s right, no hidden agendas, no shenanigans and definitely no sell-fests! We pride ourselves on being a genuine property networking group.
    3. The keywords we hear time and again from attendees are ‘genuine’ and ‘integrity’. These are rare commodities, especially in property and you’ll get them by the bucketload at this event.
    4. Whether you are just starting out, have done a few property deals or a full-time investor… you’ll walk away with value. It might be in the quality, content-rich presentations or maybe you’ll find your next Joint Venture partner – either way, you’ll be glad you came.
    5. The Real Deals. These are case studies that attendees flock to see each month. We call them Real Deals because they ARE just that. Everyday property investors on their first, second and sometimes third project, having a good honest crack while still holding down a full-time job. It could be a quick renovation, subdivision or a small development. You’ll see profit & loss numbers, before and after photos, embarrassing mistakes and above all, lessons learned.

    What’s in store this month?

    To start we have…

    Justin Watt | Watt Realty

    I figured the best way to kick off 2024 was to get a property market update from someone on the ground at the ‘Property Coalface’.

    Justin has some EXTREMELY RELEVANT insights on what to expect in the coming months of 2024… and how to position yourself to find those cracker sites.

    Watty, as we like to call him, is a GUN veteran agent of over 20yrs in the Brisbane market and always gives you the honest truth without the BS………. Which is NOT something you generally hear from real estate agents – which is why we love him!

    Real Deal | Alan Castorina – Cookie Cutter Renovations

    You may have seen Alan present before on his subdivision deals but this time I asked Alan to share where it all started for him – Renovation Flips!

    Alan and his wife Michelle still rock out 6 renovation flips per year alongside their other projects… They have mastered the art of flipping deals fast to create a cash flow that enabled them to sack the boss many years ago.

    If you’re thinking about transitioning to a full-time renovator or just want to learn how Alan and his team have systemised the process, you MUST be in the room to see this.

    I’m putting Alan out front, not only for his incredible money-making abilities in property….. but because he has a stack of integrity in what he does and is a humble and kind human to boot.

    I can only get Alan to speak once a year so don’t miss this important presentation if you want to get your cashflow cranking in 2024!

    Paul Copeland | Accountant/Developer/Comedian

    It’s not often you get an accountant who’s done over a dozen developments, has exceptional accounting skills, AND can make you laugh when talking about income tax!

    This presentation promises not just education but some warnings you need to hear from Paul’s personal experience in the property development game.

    I guarantee your accountant has got nothing on this guy so make sure you’re in the room to hear his latest insights that WILL save you thousands in tax.

    Do I need to RSVP? YES – seats are limited due to the room capacity so your name must be on the RSVP list.

    First time attending? Entry is FREE! Just click this link and follow the prompts.

    Returning member? It’s a $25 entry fee if you click here or $33 at the door.

    What if I want to come to every meeting, what can you do for me?

    Check out the UPH Membership here:

    If you are an Ultimate Property Hub Member, you still need to RSVP though!  ✅

    What are the details?

    Venue: Captains Room at Broncos Leagues Club
    Address: Fulcher Road, Red Hill
    Date: Tuesday, 30th January 2024
    Registration: 6.10pm for a 6.30pm start
    Finish: 9.00pm

    We will have some special prizes on the night for those who are in the room, and some other great surprises that you will just have to be in the room to see!

    Save the date, Tuesday, 30th January 2024!

    See you there!

    Cheers, Matt 😁⭐

    Matt Jones | Property Resource Shop
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