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    Hi all,

    I’m new to property investing in Australia and am still on TTS visa, will apply for PR next year only.

    The rules for foreigners are constantly changing, so want to be sure I got it all correct or anyone can help with the link/advice.

    As per my understanding, I can apply for FIRB approval to by primary place of residence only – and this can be vacant land or any new dwelling/project under construction.

    It’s not hard to understand these would not the best options for investment (looking only for positive gearing).

    I also understood family trust will not help (both my wise and myself are on TSS visa) as the trust will be treated as a foreigner.


    Question 1. Trust will be treated as a foreigner in our case. But if there is another person who is Australian resident, can this be of any help? Provided I can pre-agree with the citizen the income will be distributed between my wife and myself.

    Question 1.2. Once we get PR, is it easy for the citizen to withdraw from the trust?

    Question 2. Is there any chance for me as a foreigner (either acting as an individual or trustee of a family trust/ any way) to avoid the foreigner’s extra tax when buying IP (investment property)?

    Question 3. Is there any chance not paying stamp duty when buying IP valued $600,00 or less?

    Checking all information available on the internet looks like one of the best options for me will be just put the money into term deposit until I apply for PR and get bridging visa, then I can save at least 7% foreigner’s tax + avoid any additional applications and possible fees

    Question 4. If I buy primary place of residence (after getting approval from FIRB) at the cost of, say $550,000, move in for 12 months, apply for PR and get bridging visa – and decide to lease it out to make IP, what will be major initial costs for me in Victoria? Can I avoid paying stamp duty as the first home buyer for a residence worth <$600,000 being a foreigner?

    Question 5. I know this forum is about property investments only. If it is confirmed the best option for me will be wait until I get the PR, are there any other ways apart from stock exchange and term deposits to make money on the horizon of <2 years? Happy to look into joint investing (including property) or any other legal schemes.

    Thanks for all help/links/answers

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    Wow! I love how keen you are!

    I suggest you seek out an agent who works in getting PR & an accountant who knows this as well.

    Do you have any in your own community?

    I can ask the questions in my group if you like & come back to you?

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    Hi Christine,

    I know with the news rules I can apply for PR next year straight after my visa, so unfortunately there is nothing that can be done until this period of time.

    However there may be anything I can do with my money and how to invest them to make them work

    Unfortunately I don’t know anyone who can help me with this so if may ask this question in your group, this will be highly appreciated.



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