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    ✅ RSVP now ✍️for our Brisbane Property Networking Group meetup coming up Tuesday 28th February – doors open 6.10pm for a 6.30pm start.

    Join us at this month’s February Brisbane Property Networking Group meeting where we’ll share some new and critical insights for all investors, subdividers and developers.

    There is no other networking group like this one, with Queensland’s best property minds all in one room to provide the best resources for you to achieve massive results.

    First time attending? Entry is FREE! Click here and follow the prompts.

    Returning member? Click here for discounted entry.

    Here are 5 awesome reasons you need to join us in the room on the night:

    • You’ll walk away with real strategies, insights and resources that you can implement immediately.

    • Unlike other seminars, you won’t be pitched to on the night. That’s right, no hidden agendas, no shenanigans and definitely no sell-fests! We pride ourselves on being a genuine property networking group.

    • The keywords we hear time and again from attendees are ‘genuine’ and ‘integrity’. These are rare commodities, especially in property and you’ll get them by the bucketload at this event.

    • Whether you are just starting out, have done a few property deals or a full-time investor… you’ll walk away with value. It might be in the quality, content-rich presentations or maybe you’ll find your next Joint Venture partner – either way, you’ll be glad you came.

    • The Real Deals. These are case studies that attendees flock to see each month. We call them Real Deals because they ARE just that. Everyday property investors on their first, second and sometimes third project, having a good honest crack while still holding down a full-time job. It could be a quick renovation, subdivision or a small development. You’ll see profit & loss numbers, before and after photos, embarrassing mistakes and above all, lessons learned.

    What’s in store this month?

    To start we have…

    Matt Punter | The Savings Centre

    There have been some VERY interesting announcements this month that will affect ALL property investors and owners alike…

    You’ll want to hear this and what it means to your borrowing capacity for the rest of 2023.

    Which is why I’ve organised for the No.1 Finance Expert, Matt Punter, to walk us all through these changes.

    Be in the room to learn the latest secret inroads to getting more money from the bank.

    In addition I’ve asked Matt to present a handful of his latest joint venture projects… you

    This topic is SO important that I’ve given Matt two sessions to cover all the content AND your burning questions.

    Part 1 | will be all about the NEW lending environment, how far rates will go and how to still access cost-effective funding.

    Part 2 | will be a LIVE property deal so you get the practical knowledge as well as the theory.


    Than & Tabitha | Real Deal

    Meet this unassuming couple that are quietly transforming their wealth position to become multi millionaires!

    Get this… these guys quit their 9 to 5 jobs and set off on a road trip adventure that incorporated building a passive income to ditch the job forever!

    The results they have had since they made the decision to become full time investors has been phenomenal and this month you’ll get to see one of those deals.

    Be in the room to see Than and Tabitha reveal one of their latest projects that is set to make them a substantial profit (and keep the boss away for many years to come!)

    Do I need to RSVP? YES – seats are limited due to the room capacity so your name must be on the RSVP list.

    First time attending? Entry is FREE!  Just click this link and follow the prompts.

    Returning member? It’s a $25 entry fee if you click here or $33 at the door.

    What if I want to come to every meeting, what can you do for me?

    Check out the UPH Membership here:

    If you are an Ultimate Property Member, you still need to RSVP though! ✅

    What are the details?

    Venue: Captains Room at Broncos Leagues Club
    Address: Fulcher Road, Red Hill
    Date: Tuesday, 28th February 2023
    Registration: 6.10pm for a 6.30pm start
    Finish: 9.00pm

    We will have some special prizes on the night for those that are in the room, and some other great surprises that you will just have to be in the room to see!

    Save the date, Tuesday, 28th February 2023!

    See you there!

    Cheers, Matt 😁⭐

    Matt Jones | Property Resource Shop
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