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    Live Workshop Webinar Sat 30th July 2022

    Two years ago, at the onset of the pandemic, many investors missed out on great opportunities because they were paralysed by headlines predicting doom & gloom.

    Others who understood the opportunity have made literally hundreds of thousands of dollars since 2020, while others sat on the side-lines uncertain what to do.

    You probably know a few property investors who’ve done very well over the last couple of years. The team at Results Mentoring shared what some of their members were able to achieve during this period:

    – Matt & Nicola from NSW, who created a $102K profit renovating a small villa
    – Grant from VIC, who made approx. $116K in 5 months from a quick reno flip
    – Rebecca from QLD, who made an estimated $399K from a smart renovation
    – Adam from WA, created an estimated $595K from a reno/development combo

    Simon Buckingham and Brendan Kelly from Results Mentoring will be running through some of these case studies in their “Financial Independence Property Workshop” on this Saturday July 30th, so you can see how they did it and how you can build out your property portfolio.

    Do you wish you’d done more 2 years ago?

    How much better off today could you have been if you had taken more action over the past 24 months?

    More importantly… What will you do over the next 24 months, when educated property investors are already positioning themselves for their next move?

    The workshop will provide you with a realistic hype-free analysis of the property market — plus practical tips and tactics you can apply to profit from current market conditions.

    You can attend from the comfort of your own home, and all registered participants will also receive a recording of the content.

    On the agenda:

    – Down-to-earth property market outlook for each Australian capital city in 2022/23, based on the data – not hype and speculation. Our data-driven forecasts over the last 2 years have been spot-on, so don’t miss this latest analysis.

    – What rising interest rates and high inflation mean for the Australian property market.

    – Is a 20%+ CRASH in property values actually on the way, as many economists are predicting – or have those pundits overlooked something critical?

    – How to position yourself to take advantage of emerging opportunities, so that you’re not left behind in the changing market.

    – Techniques for spotting emerging boom suburbs BEFORE other property investors, so that you can capitalise on maximum growth (plus how to recognise and avoid suburbs where values will crash).

    – Creating your own financial independence plan – including training in property investment strategies & techniques that past workshop attendees have used to “escape the rat race”… some in under 5 years.

    As this is an interactive workshop, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get your questions personally answered!

    The online workshop will be run live via the Internet from 10am-1pm AEST on Saturday (July 30th), and all registered participants will also receive access to a replay recording of the event.

    Over 400 savvy property investors registered for the last on-line workshop, and all agreed that the event gave them powerful insights and was especially valuable in today’s rapidly changing property market.

    How to register free for the on-line event…

    To participate in the on-line workshop you’ll need to register using the link below and follow the instructions to install or update the “Zoom” app on your device:

    ==> Register free now

    You’ll then receive an immediate confirmation with details for attending the on-line event live.

    Look forward to seeing you online!

    – Tony

    P.S. – A recording will also be available following the live event. Make sure you register even if you can’t attend at the scheduled time, so that you can access the recording.

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