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    Hi I am looking to hear from those that have invested in U.S real estate. How was your experience? What lessons can you share that will help the next investor that is trying to do this?

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    Hi, been doing so since 2010. It has been great – and much easier now with US mortgages more available.

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    My experience is that the US Real Estate Agency area is not regulated like it is in Australia.

    You will find many comments of fraud, cheating and lies by US based agencies.

    If you know someone locally that can assist with keeping an eye on things it would help.

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    I own 6 rentals in Australia (QLD, SA & VIC) and 22 in the USA (Louisiana). I would never buy another Australian property again. The cashflow in the USA is far superior and being able to lock in 30 years fixed debt is a HUGE benefit. I am based over here so it is easy for me to find deals and property management. I can see that it would be more complicated buying and managing from Australia.

    HomeBuyerLouisiana | Home Buyer Louisiana

    Aussie entrepreneur investing in New Orleans houses

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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