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    Dear property investor,

    There’s no doubt that property prices in many areas have been rising strongly. But this rate of growth can’t last forever, and the reality is that not every suburb, nor every property within a suburb, is rising in value. Some have already peaked or are actually declining fast – and if you don’t know how to tell the difference you could end up badly burned.

    To help you cut through the hype and FOMO (“Fear of Missing Out”) so you can make informed buying decisions, and avoid over-paying for your next property, Results Mentoring will be running a live webinar at 7pm on Wednesday June 16th detailing the “8 tell-tale signs you’re buying at the top of the market“.

    Join the webinar and discover how to:

    – avoid buying-in just as the market peaks

    – know whether growth is likely to continue in a specific suburb (and for how long)

    – tell which kind of property to buy for the best growth potential

    …and more!

    How to register free for the webinar…

    In order to participate in the webinar you’ll need to register using the link below and follow the instructions to set up the “Zoom” webinar app on your device:

    ==> Register free now

    You’ll then receive an immediate confirmation with details for attending the on-line event live.

    All registrants will also be sent a recording of the webinar, so I recommend registering even if you can’t attend the live session.

    Please feel free to share the webinar link with your investing friends and anyone else you think may benefit. There is no cost to attend.


    Hope you can make it!


    – Tony

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