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  • ahmed-mahdi
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    I love it

    I’m reading your book and came across the chapter where you explain the books profit system that funnels into a charity.

    I love it.

    I’m writing this hoping that one day you’ll see my message.

    I love it Steve, you have a noble cause in what you earned your money and i think that contributed majorly to your success. Im writing this to tell you I’m aspiring towards a similar path. I’ve spent my time on real estate as of far and I’m focusing on perfecting my skills, hopefully one day if I’m in a similar position I’ll be able to create a system that supports the poor. My question to you is, are you willing to help me in my movement? Are you interested in hearing me out and advising me in that respect, perhaps not. I’m too young and dont have the experience to support my words adamantly. But regardless, I’m going to move ahead.

    Thankyou for your generosity. I love it

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    Hello and welcome to the community!

    And thanks for your praise and encouragement.

    I think I would argue I have already had an indirect input into helping you via the books I’ve written, and this website.

    You clearly have the energy to succeed, and I’m sure you have a hunger for knowledge. The only thing missing is perhaps the confidence to act. You’ll need to find that from within, or else go without.

    For my part, at age 48 and having taught real estate for the better part of two decades, I have moved on to lending my time to other projects – my legacy ‘Tree Change’ project where I am planting 300,000 trees, and another book, which will be more on general money concepts (make, manage, multiply). Yes, I will continue to assist with real estate, as it is the heart of my ‘multiply’ approach, but I no longer offer 1-on-1 mentoring.

    I would commend you to my PPP group though, if you would like to ‘get closer’ to me. Did you catch the webinar I did last week?


    – Steve

    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

    Success comes from doing things differently

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    Yes you have done more than enough as of far. The book has been very clear and easy to understand even the topics that are intense!

    No actually, i missed the seminar. I only recently got to know you through your book. If you think the PPP group would be beneficial to me please include me in it too!

    Thankyou for your reply

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