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    Apologies for the duplicate listing, I would like to say it was because the course is twice as good, or it will make you twice as much money but it is because I hit submit twice!?!


    I came across Brendan Nichols at a event and he is an amazing presenter. I was lucky enough to get my hands on these materials at the start of the year and have gained so much from them.

    I have listened to them a number of times and am happy to pass the lessons on to you.

    I will offer you the same amazing deal I was offered –

    I would give them away but I know that you wouldn’t value them as much as you should if they were free and I want to make sure they go to a good home where they will be valued highly. These courses will make you a multi-millionaire many times over if you apply just a fraction of what Brendan teaches.

    Advanced Cash Generation – 6 Audio CDs of a live seminar, Transcripts & Home Study Manual
    How to Become a Wealth Magnet – 9 Audio CDs of a live seminar, Transcripts & Home Study Manual
    The Power Selling Formula – 6 Audio CDs of a live seminar
    The 9 Absolute Laws of Success – 6 Audio CDs
    The 10 Tools to Financial Freedom – 1 Audio CD

    More info:

    $20 each or $60 for the lot. Pickup in Centennial Park, Sydney or pay for delivery to wherever you are.

    Send me a DM if interested.

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    HI Ben, Just wonder if these BN resources are still available. If so, please contact me for a suitable time to meet. Thanks. Raymond

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    Hi I am interested in this but just wondering whether it is still avaliable?

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