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    Hello Property Experts,

    Seeking your advice on sub-dividing a corner lot. Currently house is facing Road 1. The neighbour’s property has 7metres setback on it. However, the neighbour on Road 2 has only got 3m setback. My question is, if I front both new townhouses on Road 2, I can get away with 3m front setback and 3m side setback?

    Or do I still need to leave 7m setback on the side facing Road 1?

    Tried asking the same to council but they don’t give straight answer. I obviously will involve a town planner for actual application. Just trying to figure out the feasibility of the project at the moment.

    Going by the front and side setbacks requirements as per Victoria planning site. Pages 4 and 5, the front setback is only applicable on the side you are fronting your house, unless I have not understood their writing properly.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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