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    Hello, just enquiring where to start to find commercial property investors – looking at trying to find a investment partner in order to purchase a commercial property that can be subdivided and used for our business activities at the same time. Is there any online platforms specifically set up for the purposes of advertising legitimate buy-in arrangements for property?

    Thank you

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    None that i am aware off.

    We were looking for similar about 6 years ago so made an application for a full Retail AFSL and 18 months and $1.5M later we started ASCF.

    We now have just over 400M in FUM and get asked the same question daily from potential investors and developers.



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    Yeah, none that I know of either. You would have to be careful offering such a service with AFSL licensing and requirements about offers to the public, which is why I suspect none exist. There would also be possible legal liability for the promoter if something went bad.

    – Steve

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    Hello JackPeters!
    To find commercial property investors or partners:

    Attend real estate events.
    Contact agents.
    Use platforms like RealtyMogul.
    Check LinkedIn and forums.
    Join business organizations.
    Consult advisors.
    Explore online classifieds.
    Ensure clear agreements and legal advice in partnerships.

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