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    Hi all

    For those investors who are experienced. Can you please advise what is the best approach to get agents to talk to you when you research and look into an area that you never looked into before?

    My personal experience is that the agents in NZ are significantly easier for me to have a dialogue with than the local agents where I am based at.

    For example, when I rang agents in Dunedin and Invercargill in New Zealand, and I introduce myself as “an investor from Australia” and that “my research indicates the particular area is worth looking into”, those agents in NZ are very willing to introduce the market and be happy to answer any questions I have. I generally spend about 5-10 minutes on the phone with them and through a conversation, I get to learn important information such as “which suburbs are good for rental, which are good for flipping, what’s lower and higher price bracket like in some of those areas, what the rentals are like before / after renovation, which area to avoid, etc…”. In some instances, after we discussed the important topics, we started talking about rubbish topics just to get a good laugh. There are 2-3 agents in NZ that maintain regular contact with me. Sometimes they have a listing that they know I could be interested in.. sometimes they don’t, but they still bring up some rubbish topic.

    However, when trying to do the same with agents that are relatively local to me (I tried a few different areas in Victoria), and the general perception is if I talk about one of their listings, they are reasonably responsive… but the moment I tried to strike a conversation to understand the local market, the response is “I am in an appointment” or “I am busy” or something like that… The perception I am getting is, those agents are not interested in understanding my requirement so they know the right properties that I could be interested in buying. My question is how do I get them to open up a bit more?


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    Good Day Steven,

    Good question, you want to get them to understand straight away how you’re beneficial to their business.

    Sounds like the agents you come across either 1. don’t care 2. don’t understand why they should care.

    Now each area & person is obviously pretty different but Aussies in business can be a bit more time focused (if you want to put it that way)

    The Art is:

    -gauge that person & understand how much you can learn/understand without getting them to become disinterested.

    How to do that is simple/incredibly complex as your talking about different psychology every time.

    ask questions & explain (smartly) why your valuable to talk to (e.g. your looking to buy right now in that area & have the property managed etc)

    (as per below this is general & I make no professional recommendations in any way)

    Enjoy your week!


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    I haven’t had the same experience so not sure if you have just have had bad luck. Perhaps get them talking by asking some questions about a listing and then shift the conversation to the general area and market.

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    Hi There,

    Sales agents are people too.  A lot of people tend to treat them worse than they deserve.  If they open home is busy the agent may be too busy hustling to talk.  Try a follow up call on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  Then go meet them at one of their stale listings when it is open.  Be nice, friendly and treat them well.  you will be surprised what you can get away with.  Relationships take time.  This is not a game of one night stands but serious relationships built up over time.


    Above all real estate is a game of patience above all things.

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