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    Due to COVID-19, the live version of this meeting has been changed to an online broadcast – Free for all to attend!

    Join this private Facebook Group (no cost) to watch the live broadcast:

    Same speakers presenting (as scheduled below) and all you need to do is join via the above Facebook link

    WELCOME to the next Brisbane Property Group meeting!


    First time attending? Entry is FREE! Click here and follow the prompts.

    Returning member? Click here for discounted entry.

    Here are 5 awesome reasons you need to be in the room:

    • You’ll walk away with real strategies, insights, and resources that you can implement immediately. We guarantee you’ll pick up at least 3 outstanding tips to use in your own property investing (Most people walk away with pages of notes!)

    • Unlike other seminars, you won’t be pitched to on the night. That’s right, no hidden agendas, no shenanigans and definitely no sell-fests! We pride ourselves on being a genuine property networking group.

    • The keywords we hear time and again from attendees are ‘genuine’ and ‘integrity’. These are rare commodities these days, especially in property and you’ll get them by the bucketload at this event.

    • Whether you are just starting out, have done a few property deals or a full-time investor…. you’ll walk away with value. It might be in the quality, content-rich presentations or maybe you’ll find your next Joint Venture partner – either way, you’ll be so glad you came.

    • The Real Deals. These are case studies that attendees flock to see each month. We call them Real Deals because they ARE just that. Everyday property investors on their first, second and sometimes third project, having a good honest crack while still holding down a full-time job. It could be a quick renovation, subdivision or small development. You’ll see profit & loss numbers, before and after photos, embarrassing mistakes and above all, lessons learned.

    There is NOTHING like this monthly property networking event and we are the envy of all other States!

    It’s size, the people we attract, the longevity and the integrity we uphold makes us second to none Australia wide!

    Entry is FREE if this is your first time attending! Details on how to RSVP, the cost and more at the bottom of the page.

    What’s in store this month?


    Matt Sukkarieh from My Financial Group

    This month Matt will show you how to put all those possible financial gains into practice, and I have to say, that’s one thing Matt is great at, simplifying all the complicated financial tough talk!

    Matt and his wife Jolene run a company dedicated to delivering expert business and personal financial advice and accounting/taxation advice across a range of services.

    Paul Copeland from William Buck Accounting

    Paul, the director of William Buck, comes with over 20 years experience, and a wealth of property investing…so he’s been there and done that! This month Paul takes us through:

    * Structuring considerations for bringing investors to your deal
    * Tax consequences on different arrangements
    * How to protect yourself and your investors

    Matt Punter from The Savings Centre

    This month Matt will take us through the following:

    * Lending Market policy update – Who’s lending & who’s not right now
    * Borrowing capacity explained – Maximise yours for property project success
    * Funding Structure & Strategies – ‘Real Deals’ you need to see

    Finding it tough to get funding? This month Matt covers it all!

    To round out the night we have our guest speaker Michael Matusik from Matusik Missives

    Michael is an independent housing market analyst who is back by popular demand this month to share his thoughts and ideas on the Australian market. Michael will take us through:

    * Housing demand by housing segment – the decade ahead
    * The potential impact of coronavirus on the Australian housing market
    * What the rental market really wants
    * Five major urban trends impacting southeast Queensland
    * What to build or buy given the outlook ahead

    Do I need to RSVP? Absolutely YES

    First time attending? Entry is FREE! Just click this link and follow the prompts.

    Returning member? It’s $25 entry fee if you click here or pay $33 at the door.

    What if I want to come to every meeting, what can you do for me?
    Check out our Ultimate Property Hub Membership; click here

    If you are a member, you still need to RSVP though!


    We will have some special prizes on the night for those that are in the room, and some other great surprises that you will just have to be in the room to see!

    Save the date, Tuesday 31st March 2020!

    See you there!

    Cheers, Matt

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