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    Manchester’s population is on the rise, translating into further housing, economic, infrastructure growth, and UK property investment. The city population is reaching 600,000, ranking as one of Europe’s fastest, according to the city council’s 2018 State of the City Report.

    Manchester as UK Property Investment Option

    With its young population, diversified economy, a construction boom and rapid infrastructure development, it’s easy to see why Manchester is the UK’s fastest-growing city and one of the fastest in Europe as well.

    A growing young working population

    Since 2015, the city’s population has grown by nearly 6%, and an impressive 70% of Manchester graduates remain in the city and Greater Manchester after their studies. Additionally, 36% of local youths who studied outside Manchester choose to come back to the city after graduating.

    With a growing population of young working adults, buy-to-let investment is likely to continue to be lucrative. Additionally, Manchester’s house price growth is expected to rise by 57% by the end of 2028.

    The Northern Powerhouse region has seen resilience and growth even through political and economic uncertainty, with a record amount of inward investment in over a decade in the Northwest. Manchester remains one of the top cities to invest in even among the northern cities, and its property market is seeing a surge of interest from investors in Asia and the Far East. It is also one of the world’s top 10 cities for foreign direct investment.

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