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    Summer might be over, but that hasn’t stopped a Brighton beach box touted as the ‘ultimate Australian icon’ from matching the record price for the status symbols along the famous sandy strip.

    A Brighton beach box dubbed the “ultimate Australian icon” has equalled the record price for the famous stretch of sand.

    Bathing Box 89 sold on Thursday evening for an undisclosed figure, understood to have matched the record price of $337,000 set at an April 2018 auction for Bathing Box 76B.

    Marshall White agent Matthew Pillios confirmed No. 89 sold above its price range of $300,000 to $330,000 on March 21.

    The record-setting auction of 76B last year saw Nick Johnstone Real Estate’s eponymous director conduct the event in board shorts and dive into the ocean to celebrate a successful sale.

    Thursday’s sale didn’t make it to Saturday’s auction though, much to the dismay of an excited Mr Pillios.

    “We had a lot planned for the auction — I was arriving on a jet ski, we had food and festivities, but we had to put the vendor first,” Mr Pillios said.

    The beach box, which has a mural of a koala enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, was picked up by a local middle-aged couple with children.
    “It was picked up by local residents who love the beach box for them and their kids to enjoy,” Mr Pillios said.

    “They love the artwork, they fell in love with the beach box the first time they saw it.”

    The mural was painted by artist Daniel Worth and was awarded by the City of Bayside as the best exterior mural along the beach, according to the listing.


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