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    Hi all,

    I’m new to the property investing website and finding a lot of helpful information. I have recently finished a renovation on the home I’m living in at the moment (Gold Coast) and I’m keen to invest again! With a goal to build a portfolio over time.

    Launceston Tasmania seems to have very affordable property close to the city? What do you guys think of Launceston?


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    Launceston is reasonable, however it has had a fairly decent size increase in prices in recent history so you’d be coming in at the tail end of growth unless you think its going to go to an exceptionally high growth pattern compared to it’s history. If entry price point is your primary concern then you can otherwise find property in mainland metro capitals which may have more consistent long term outcomes and not buying into a market which has already grown significantly in recent history – ie Adelaide.

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    Hi Mozza / all – I recently heard some good things about Tasmania and was considering looking at that area to potentially invest. My concern however is the longer term growth prospects economically in Tassie – are there sufficient jobs to drive growth there?

    If anyone can offer their views on this (pros and cons) would be good.


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