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    Guys, throwing a curve ball out to you.
    2017 Millionaire Mega Conference in Sydney was awesome!!! Was so good. Highly recommend the trip!
    One speaker talked a bit about his business helping business in Adelaide. He wasn’t selling to the crowd, just sharing his story. But I was interested!
    Totally comfortable investing but starting business feels different. I don’t want a full MBA, got some diploma 20+yrs ago.
    DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING LIKE THE MENTORING PROGRAMS, not for property investing, but for opening up Psychological Services Company. I’m currently serving expat executives as a professional coach which I love. However, with a good program, mentors, blue print, this easily go big. Already have thousands on the list and hundreds of supporters. Anyone know any programs for this sort of know how, or even if the program was for Chiropractors, Masseus, service industry.
    Ok thanks very much for your time.

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    Hi Adrian,

    Yes, may I recommend Daniel Gibbs – the gentleman you refer to who spoke at MMC last year.

    His website is

    I can unreservedly recommend Daniel.


    – Steve

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