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    In this 14-DVD set you’ll discover:
    • Amazing student case studies you can learn from – learn from their mistakes, strategies and wins and apply to your own portfolio.
    • One of Australia’s leading property experts (with over 100 industry awards) reveal his insights into the peak performance secrets of the elite top 10% of investors. Model these traits and start winning big.
    • How to increase your cash flow using depreciation strategies. This can turn a negatively geared property into a cashflow positive one overnight and have it start making you money.
    • How to find owner details on a property not on the market and how to use that information to find great deals no one else knows about.
    • My secret ‘world-class’ economist reveals his fascinating insights into Aussie property market economics and what you can do to capitalise on it.
    • How to get the most of investing through your own self managed super fund. Grow your portfolio and get a massive tax break when you do this.
    • How to design for maximum uplift when you are renovating, selling and pre-selling. Successful interior designer and investor Helen shares her professional secrets to massive property wins.
    • World class corporate negotiator reveals his killer negotiation tactics to create win-wins and best outcomes in any deal.
    • How one couple were able to go from a $70k deal to a multi-million dollar portfolio and a thriving development business (much of which was using other people’s money)
    • The secret to fast cash windfalls doing ‘quick and dirty’ deals that you can turnover fast!
    • And much much more.
    The value of this program is $1995
    The experts that talk at this exclusive student-only event come from all over the world and are the best of the best.
    This “insider” information will put you lightyears ahead of most investors and give you an edge that they don’t even know exits…
    You’ll be able to accelerate your investment success and they’ll be left wondering how you achieved it.

    Happy to sell for $220

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    Hi, is this her ultimate real estate program, and is this offer still available?

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    It is still available. It isn’t her ultimate real estate program. She runs this course every year

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