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  • David Thiu
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    Hey guys,

    I know this is kinda random, but I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts about the new iphones, and which one you would upgrade to?

    I know these are quite hefty in price at $1000-1800, but I recall a time when I had a Nokia and thought everyone was MAD for splashing out so much cash on iPhones…

    Little did I know that years later, I would be the proud owner of an iPhone myself, and ever since then I haven’t really looked back… :P

    It is now almost 5 years since my I got my iPhone and although it is still functioning properly, it seems that the battery doesn’t seem to last as long, and I think I am due for an upgrade…

    The iPhone 8 seems to offer the best value for money and is a significant upgrade from my current phone, but I’m tempted to splash out that extra cash on the iPhone X…

    Which would you buy and why?

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    If you want to stay in front of the curve and have access to all of the new features, then I would go the X. If you don’t care too much for technology and you just want a smartphone for the basics (making calls, texts, facebook, etc.) then go for the 8 (or even the 7).

    If you are a keen or avid gamer, like to watch movies, care about incredible screen displays, interested about the facial recognition capabilities, etc. then I would go the X.

    Me, personally? I would get the X. But considering work gives me a phone for personal use – I don’t intend on paying for something I could otherwise have for free.

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    I just got the new Samsung Note 8 its a great phone

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    I am having a hard time with IOS phones so I would rather use android phones since I am more comfortable with it.

    David Thiu
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    My iphone died about a fortnight ago… Ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 :P

    So far so good, and it’s increased my productivity quite drastically

    I really like the dual apps feature, and the stylus pen

    Thanks for mentioning this Nigel – might have never crossed my mind was it not for your comment

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