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    Anyone have Cherie Barber’s Renovating for Profit Programme for sale? Even just copies of templates and folders would be good. Thanks

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    Hi Sonja,

    My name is Lisa from Cherie Barber’s office.

    You will never receive the full system accessing the information this way.
    The real inclusions are varied and cannot be delivered by any other means than through Renovating For Profit directly.

    Cherie is constantly updating her checklists, templates, step by step guides etc. to suit the current market, which has changed so much even in the past year. If you buy an older version of the books, this could actually be damaging to your strategy. Which is concerning!

    We only allow new registrations to activate an account on 2 devices, multiple logins from different IP’s trigger a warning which locks students out of accounts if we detect the illegal sharing of login information.

    Unfortunately, if you buy Cherie’s course from a third party you also WON’T get access to:
    – Cherie’s 3 Day Boot Camp or
    – All her Property Coaches or
    – The National Trade Group Card (which gives you access to buying your renovation materials at Cherie’s prices).
    – Specific Bonuses

    These things are the HEART of Cherie’s Course.

    You have to become an official registered student.

    The Good News is that I can help you and give you all the information you need.
    My number is (02) 9555 5010
    My email is: [email protected]

    Could you please let me know a contact number for you & I’ll give you a quick call & show you the most cost effective way to become a student.

    I look forward to speaking with you.

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