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    About the project in Chile. Im getting around 1000 views per month on web page (Europe & USA) and receive lots of inquiries about the project, most inquiries are about buying a lot and become part of the community. I can increase the number of lots to 25 or 30 and reduce the farm size, also I was thinking about a thermal water spa or retreat, use the community center for restaurant, coffee-wine bar, and rooms for different health treatments or workshops. Build cabins or condos for people to stay during treatments. A deep well can be dig for around 20k to get thermal water.

    The lots will pay for entire spa project and farm, and income will come from spa and 20 acre farm, blueberries/pecan/olives/grapes.

    Other alternatives for income can be making organic Olive oil and artesanal wine, etc.

    I was also in the restaurant business and have training on vegan and macrobiotic foods, I can setup and run a restaurant at the community. My life passion is building cabins, farming and cooking.

    I travel all over Central-South America and some Europe and I’m very familiar with thermal water spas and how they operate, most are near active volcanoes and others just use thermal springs or deep wells and tap into thermal waters. They distribute the water thru pvc pipes into the pools. When the thermal water is to hot they just mix with cold water from near river or cold water well. Water is full of minerals and high ph.

    I own the perfect property for projects related to farming, sustainable community and thermal spa.

    Just need an investor to partner with me and help me with the cost of development and I do the work.

    Lots sold will pay for entire project in 2-3 years, and will have the community building with commercial kitchen and restaurant, cabins, thermal spa retreat and farm own free and clear.

    Finally found a buyer for my construction business in Houston and that’s why I’m pushing so hard into finding a partner.

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