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    A friend of mine was living in Ballarat and encouraged me to invest there, I the read Steves book on investing! Is Ballarat still worth investing in? I’ve come across a few positive cash flow properties

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    Ballarat has had some previous run ups in prices – it does come down to whether you think theres going to much further flow on from prices or whether they’re going to moderate until the next boom.

    I wouldn’t rely on your friends advice on where to invest – if you’re buying an asset potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars it’s worth doing a weigh of areas that you can identify as having potential vs others advice.

    In the end – what draws your friend/or yourself to the area?

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    I bought in Ballarat 2 years ago. Happy with the purchase then but not sure if I’d go there now if I didn’t already own a house (I wouldn’t buy 2). Probably a few individual properties but would be harder to find. Rental market seems a bit flat too.

    So while it’s different for everyone I’d lean towards no, I wouldn’t buy there at the moment. If you feel comfortable to detail some of these positively geared properties we might be able to provide better advice. Maybe one that’s sold so people can’t steal it :)

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