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    Just wanting to hear from anyone working as a property investment consultant.
    I’m currently working as a 4 year electrical apprentice and have come to the realisation that this career isnt for me.
    I’ve been extremely passionate about property for a while now since 18 (now 23) having bought 2 investment properties.
    Was thinking of doing a complete career change as soon as I get qualified and was contemplating getting into an property investment company.
    Would like to hear from anyone with some advice .
    How secure is the job ? Is there much money in the field I have seen that commissions are quite large but is it really the case. I understand that I’m going to have to take a pay cut but I still have to make enough to cover 2 mortgages (just incase but I always have back up money) is there much growth? Do you need much experience to get into the field, is there any courses I could do to further myself.

    Any advice would be much appreciated


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    Sales is a long slow road to success. You don’t just walk into listings – it takes years to build your network of contacts (it takes people years to decide to sell or minutes). Pay is basic wage, commission is on top but you must pay your employer back your wage in many cases- they don’t pay for your training etc for nothing.

    Although your passion may not be there at present with being a sparky, there is definitely good money to be made once qualified.

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    If you’ve found something you love, start doing it. You’ll become great at it and the money will follow in one form or another.

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    Go and research the types of companies you want to work for. Once you know who you want to work for, find out what it is they are looking for. You will need to go an approach them directly in a friendly but persistent manner.

    For my company it starts with a Passion for property, then is experience and then down to knowledge and finally qualifications. Knowledge can be learnt, but passion cannot not.

    Start getting the things they want. Stay in regular touch, prove you have the persistence they are looking for. Offer to help out at events when they are in town (Read Chapter 1 for good ideas)

    As Scott said it takes time, two years is typical to build up a repeat and referral data base. Work hard, go the extra mile and you will do well.

    Good Luck

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