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    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone recently been successful in using their equity in an Australian property/portfolio to put down as a deposit on a New Zealand property?

    If so, how did you go about it? What lenders are willing? Were there any special requirements? Anything else you’d like to add?


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    And what about vice versa – leveraging NZ equity to purchase in Oz?

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    I think the rules may have changed recently re this. I use ANZ NZ and I believe they may have stopped/reduced lending to overseas buyers. I can recommend Brent Lattimore at Focus Finance in Christchurch. He’d be able to advise about buying in NZ from overseas I think. My situation was that I bought a relatively inexpensive property in NZ a few years ago and paid it off, once I had NZ equity it was easy to keep borrowing. As I said, things may now have changed for overseas buyers looking to purchase in NZ.

    If I was an NZ resident looking to buy in Aus I’d probably follow the same strategy i.e. buy a cheapie with larger deposit and look to leverage from there. Everyone’s situation is different though. I think Mary O’Brien in NSW, NZ Mortgage solutions may be able to help.

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