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    Hi everyone I have searched around for answers on this topic but not found anything as yet, so hopefully this hasn’t been covered under a different thread already.

    With the $11000 cap on trades doing work in a renovation on Qld can anyone tell me if these would be ways to get around it.

    A.) In a bathroom reno where you might need plumbing, tiling/waterproofing, shower Glass etc. Assuming you could get each trade to do their bit for under $3300 and in total the work and materials came under the $11000 threshold, would this be ok legally with no need to use a builder?

    B.) Could you also get around the $11000 rule if it was possible to get low enough quotes from tradies but do most of the work yourself instead and only use/pay for work you have to such as plumbing (an occupational licenced trade)?

    I know trades are pretty expensive per hour wise but if you had mates or found a tradie that would quote low for jobs just so you could stay under the $11000, couldn’t these be the quotes you went by when estimating the cost for the total job even though you’re doing most of it yourself (whose to say their price is too cheap for job estimates;)

    Also does anyone know if there is a time frame that $11000 cap would stand. For example could you do $11000 of work each month and have a short break or every 6 months, or yearly?

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