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    I guess anybody may jump on this. I am after a very high quality individual with rock solid ethics and reputation.

    Would any one like to sell a couple of properties direct to Chinese investors?
    I’m in Shanghai and get asked regularly about Australian property. I left the Investment arena and entered Coaching. Like Investor to Coach after creating a passive income. Now some of my clients here are asking me about investing in Australia. My clients are
    small business owners, self employed, white/blue collar workers, not rich throwing money around Chinese. Actually the ones I work with are just like normal cool mates that you or I would have in Aus.

    Please be 100% up front about profit margins and commissions. I am giving my clients open books so they can know how much I receive from the deals. It’s simply offering them a couple of different entry options to the Australian Market. They want to invest, Chinese stocks are unstable, the Australian dream. Good people.

    Please feel free to look me up on Linkedin or Google or message here. Thanks very much everyone. Have a great week.
    Adrian Cahill.

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    Hi Adrian

    Good to hear you back on the forum.

    We have a couple of projects in Milton, Brisbane that are close to completion which we are developing with our Solicitors.

    I am over in the UK at the moment looking at a couple of new development opportunities but can certainly get some information sent to you if are interested.


    Yours in Finance
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