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    hi QLD developers,

    I found this from a website”
    “The site area in LMR is to be a minimum of 600m² with a minimum frontage of 17m. In MR and HR the site area is to be a minimum of 800m² with a minimum frontage of 20m. These minimum areas may be negotiable as we have been able to achieve a solution on lots down to 400m².

    can anyone told me if those requirement is still current ? for Brisbane city council.
    this website says minimum 3000 with frontage 40m which i think is not right. as i drive paste many dwellings in subs that is defnitely way smaller and narrower than 3000sq by 40m frontage.

    ps. I have never been doing any development projects except renos and structured make over and I m not from QLD . lol…pls dont throw jargon at me.

    any more info you can provide will be appreciated and helpful.


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    I actually don’t understand what you’re asking but this is the latest from Brisbane council.

    Goodluck reading and researching.

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    hi there jose
    thanks for your reply.
    Im asking for the miniumum lot sq meter and frontage requirment for a multi dwellings ( under 10 units) in a LMR zoned area. I m doing my research at this stage, I beleive somwherer in the council website provide this information. but there are a lot of stuff and to find it is like digging a diamond via a huge trash bin.

    I found the info i wanted from a town planning company, but not sure if it is still up to date.
    so that is the question..

    i think i probably need to call that townplanning compnay.

    have a nice day.

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    Hi Coogee
    This info is still up to date, however, it is not set in stone. Site could be smaller and frontage narrower than that (as your town planner has stated). 3000m2 minimum is for unit development in LR (low residential) zoning, not LMR.
    To help you in more detail, you have to ask more specific question.

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