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    Hi everyone
    I just bought my first investment property. It’s a small, 2 bedroom, 50 year old house in Nowra with a sunroom, carport and double garage. The double garage has a shower, toilet and laundry tub. The place needs to be renovated. I would like use the garage for holidays and rent the house. Apart from adding a separate electricity meter what else should I consider? Do I need council approval?

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    Hi @lizinda. This article might point you in the right direction:

    All the best.

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    If you don’t subdivide, you can’t get a separate electrical supply – ‘a separate bill’ – the supply authority won’t allow it. You can get a separate meter listed on the one bill but two phase would have to be installed to the property, which will only occur if you have enough ‘appliances’ to force the supply authority to install another meter.

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    Check with council to determine whether you will need a permit.

    You could also consider separate water meters, which you will probably be forced to do as a requirement of subdivision anyway. Check with council.

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    If council permission/subdivision is not required and you just want to measure the power and divide the power bill according to usage there are metering devices which your electrician can fit for this purpose.

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    You most certainly CAN get a separate electrical supply for a granny flat, you don’t need to subdivide.
    1. Apply for an NMI for the new residence from an energy retailer eg. Origin
    2. Apply for a “permission to connect” from whoever controls the poles & wires eg. Endeavour Energy.
    3. Done

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