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    Honestly, I think it really depends on your personality and mindset. Sorry if a non technical answer is not what you where after.

    Some people will be able to remotely invest and others just won’t be able to cope with the lack of control and the additional complexities. To others it will be a breeze.

    I was just looking a facebook page that nigel runs just yesterday. He has a lot of information and you can see the types of deals they are putting together.

    I’ll add just one other thing that is also just an opinion. Unless you are planning to build a portfolio it is probably not worth while. If you are going to build a portfolio start as soon as you a certain that you know enough to ask the right questions of the people you are working with.

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    Thanks Don for your comments and I fully endorse what you are saying

    The main reason to invest in the United States is to develop a portfolio. In my opinion the US market has 5 years of solid growth in front of it. Where the Australian market is at the peak of the boom.

    However we are trading property rather than buying it for a straight investment. Also look at multifamily. We are also examining vacation homes in Orlando that are provide very high returns. We also have a hotel product.

    Our goal is to make clients money

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Viewing 2 posts - 21 through 22 (of 22 total)

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