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    I have a bungalow (living room kitchen and a seperate bedroom/bathroom)

    There are 2 built in heaters in the living area, but nothing in the bedroom.

    1. Should the landlord pay to have a heater installed in the bedroom.?
    2. Should the landlord pay to provide a portable heater in the bedroom?
    3. Should the tenant pay for their own heater in the bedroom.?

    note – the bungalow will be torn down in 3-5 years for a new development – thus dont want to spend $$$ to install a split system


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    pretty tenant is aware that there isn’t a heater before they sign the tenancy agreement, thus meaning they should pay..

    better outcome would be to get them to resign a 12 month lease at 20 dollars extra a week and you buy it. / they buy a cheap oil one.

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    If they’re good tenants then I’d keep them happy. Having said that – since you’re going to knock the place down soon I’d offer to sort them out with a portable heater….which don’t cost much.



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    I agree with Jamie. A split system or other fixed heater option is too expensive considering you plan to knock the place down. If it were me, I’d either let them buy their own heater, or if they kicked up a fuss about how cold the room is, I might buy them a present of a heater. Being clear that if the heater breaks, you won’t buy them another one. It is a gift, not a chattel of the property.

    I would not be offering a heater out of the goodness of your heart in an unprovoked manner… say nothing about it unless the tenant or prospective tenant raises it as an issue.

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