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    If you are given $400k to invest and looking for a capital growth of 6% with low vacancy rates, which suburb in VIC you will  look at?

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    Have you looked at Boronia? Lots of zoning changes and infastructure going on there. Possibilities within 400k range

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    If I had $400k to invest….I'm not sure I'd be doing it in Australia or be happy with 6% return.  Just me.  I'd diversify or at least look at several options abroad.  The west coast of the US, parts of FL or Atlanta where I am.  You can buy a renovated & rented unit for $60k to $80k with a net rent of 10% or take a little more risk and earn 10% plus a split of profits on purchases of $40k to $60k US.  There are several other posters here with properties in Kansas City, Orlando and Portland….all worth a look.  There is another poster doing some interesting things in Japan with good returns.  If I can't double my money every couple of years, I'm not very happy!  Happy to network.  Andy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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