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    Hi guys,

    Need some advice as to how to proceed. Ive read similar issues but not one that exactly fits the bill.

    So part of my garage roof (plaster board) came down landing on the tenants car. I went and repaired and put up new boards with better nails then the original builder. Insurance said it wasnt structural so no claim could be made??? Very little damage to the car if any maybe a tiny scratch.

    Anyways couple months later they’re late on rent the agent puts them up for breach as per the norm, they end up paying up.

    Now they’re asking about fixing their car from the damage caused by the roof.

    Anyone experienced similar? Is it up to their car insurance, surely if I was up for the costs my landlord ins should have some sort of of liability ins. Waiting to hear back from agent and insurance company.

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    Hi insano

    Sounds frustrating. A case of them being in the wrong – and now trying to create a headache for you. Perhaps get the opinion of a legal person on the matter.



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    Tell them you are happy to look at any claim they may present. Tell them to prepare a claim with supporting evidence and costs to support it and you will consider it. Indicate they will have to show this was not pre existing damage from another event.

    If a claim is legit and for something like $200 then it's probably not unreasonable given the fault is not theirs. I tend to think maintaining an amicable relationship is worth a few dollars in this case, however, if they try it on with an unreasonable claim it's gloves off.

    I had an insurance company come at me 2 years after a small bingle that left a dent in a bonnet. The claim was for like $5k. When I asked for repair statements they were claiming for a whole range of damage on top of the bonnet. The vehicle was a fleet vehicle and the damage was an accumulation of damage over several years. They thought they could load the bill on to sum muggins prior to off loading the vehicle. They got told where to go. Never heard from them again.

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    Awesome thanks for the advice guys.

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