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    I have a rental property where the rear door became stiff to open and the door window having a small crack. My property manager discovered as much at the routine inspection, The tenant then advised due to their professional background having placed an adjustable jack/stump under the house/stumps which remedied the door being stiff to open…..

    Now some months later the next property inspection has revealed the door's window as having  large cracks in it (door to the door slamming) which the tenant has taped up, but had not bothered to advise us until the routine inspection took place.

    My question is do i just arrange to pay to get the window replaced / door alignment fixed myself – or is their some onus on the tenant …. having caused this damage??



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    Hi Gav

    It's a tough one. Personally – if the tenant was a good, hassle free one that didn't cause too much dramas than I'd fork out for it.  

    Otherwise you might get them offside and find yourself with a few more maintenance requests.



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    I had a similar thing with the backdoor on my rental property.  I paid to get it fixed, well actually, my tenant was a building apprentice so i paid him to fix it for me :-).  To me that sounds a lot like it would fall into wear and tear, unless you can prove they have been malicious when it comes to slamming the door, I'd just arrange to get it fixed up.


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    Yep – thanks for that, thinking we will just pay to get it fixed…

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