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    hi all iam in the middle of what seems to be a on going drag i have bought a house and land deal in qld through a buyers agent company in melb and with the val coming up short a few months ago and the dates keep geting pushed back and back and not a good response from other agents in the town it self i have come to decide to get my self out!!!!!    now my problem is the company and the lawer said the contract has a 18 month sunset claws in there its been 12 months so 6 to go till i could walf free !!!! so theve stated i would loose my 5% deposit of land cost now the company has said they cant do no better for geting me out the have advised i get the lawer to do his best his suggested i get them to do their best!!!!      the lawer was referd by them from the start iam wondering if any one has a opinion should i get idendent advise on the legal side???? and just today the company noted there was no relase date so that makes me not suprised but unsure where that can lead me in to exit stragery      regards dan

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    I would highly recommend you see an independent property lawyer. They will go over all the paperwork with a fine tooth comb and can advise you of what options you have available.

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    Happy to have a look free of charge and see whether I can help.

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    you need to see an independent lawyer, pronto!

    Q. What suburb did you buy in?

    Q. is the land registered and has construction started?

    Q. did you buy a house and land with TWO contracts or one? ie separate land contract and separate HIA construction contract.

    Also, it doesn't sound like you purchased through a buyers agent, but a property marketer. Did YOU pay them to find the property? if not, they have the vendors/sellers/builders/developers interest at heart, not yours. That's not how buyers agents work.

    Happy to help with some further clarification from above


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    Hi guys thanks for the response 

    a: gladstone 

    a: not registed yet and I got told last night theres not a release date at the moment

    a: Iam almost certain they are separate titles I have already got released from the build deposit  and got that back minius some admin fees

    yes I did pay them to find the property

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    Hi Daniel

    I'd be taking up Darryl on his offer.



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