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    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if anyone has any pointers for using Facebook for generating leads.

    We're targeting people who need to sell their house, for whatever reason it may be. Then provide solutions in either cash settlement, selling on terms contract etc.

    I understand that a Facebook Page is the way to go for promoting a business, but how one actually goes about that I don't know.  We aren't necessarily targeting our friends, but rather trying to let them know what we do and use FB to spread the word so that eventually somebody will contact us saying a friend of theirs needs help, for example.

    Any pointers would be appreciated. If the information is sound and you live near North Melbourne, I may even buy you a drink at the pub ;)


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    Facebook lead generation is all about offering incentives.

    If you are advertising on Facebook, structure your ads so they offer a consumer something of value. What type of discount can you offer a customer if they order online, or like your Facebook page.

    Remember that people arn't on Facebook looking for a product. Facebook pages a better used for establishing a web presence and sharing info. The bigger your presence the more leads you will generate. If you have video advertisements, advertise them on Facebook, a quality video will convert ten fold over a Facebook page.

    Eventually the bigger your presence on social media, the less you have to advertise.

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    I've got FB page for the business.

    It's not for lead generation – more so keeping clients/followers up to date with info that they hopefully find relevant.

    I think it's effective if used part of a broader campaign – but used alone, it won't add much value to a business.



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    I specialise in Internet marketing for real estate agents and this is a very complex topic if you want to go hard on generating leads online. 

    I've wrote an article for Real Estate Business to help real estate agents understand this area of marketing as most of them don't.

    If you would like to generate leads directly online I recommend you create a WordPress blog with landing pages and a Google ad words pay per click campaign. I made $25,000 in less than three months using this strategy but now it takes a lot more effort to set up.

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