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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m planning to buy my first home property and need some advice regarding its location. The property is a unit, in a block of 3. I’m quite happy that the property is close to public transport and within 25 minutes walk to shopping centers, etc.

    Across the road is a golf course. I won’t get the view of it as the unit at the front will block it (maybe they can collect all the balls for me too). However, I heard someone saying it might smell due to whatever chemicals people use to take care of the grass??

    The second thing is the place is about 2.4km from a landfill. My question is how far is this from a landfill is considered safe? I heard stories about living next a landfill and having to suffer from all the smell and the noises from the trucks.

    If anyone has any experience about this, please let me know. Many thanks in advance 

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    If you like golf it would be a great spot :-)

    I would be more worried about flying golf balls then the smell of chemicals. A friend lived on a golf course and I can't remember there being a chemical smell.

    2.4km away from a tip seems like a decent distance – could you smell anything? 

    Have you had a read of the strata minutes? They might disclose some of these issues if they exist.



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    Chemical smell from anything would trigger an emergency I would think. Pretty strict rules on the commercial use of chemicals in built up areas. More like fetilisers. Some are pretty pungent. With the tip just ask around the neighborhood. You'll soon find out how that affects the area.

    I'm always surprised at how many buyers never bother to talk to the local shop keeper, neighbors etc to find out what an area's like.

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    Methane fumes at Cranbourne anyone?

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    Landfills are being moved all the time. When I had to take some rubbish to the tip in Port Macquarie house were literally just outside the front gate of the tip and they were large nice and relatively new houses. Why would they build there? I recon they are banking on the tip being moved further out of town. 

    So maybe look into town planning and see what the future of the tip is.

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