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    Hi Guys, I am looking at a site that has good potential for re-development. My options are to go through the process myself, and get permits, plans, source builder, construction etc which I have done once before but now I dont have a job with much flexibility so I am considering using a specialist. I have found one company Complete Development Solutions that could manage this process, has anyone used them before??? and can anyone suggest any others??

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    Hi Anthony,

    You could also talk to the guys at Pillar and Post (formerly brutal art). They are in Melbourne and have been great contributors to this site for a long time. If I remember rightly Ash from Stacey surveying can also hand hold (or recommend someone) to take care of the process of gaining an approval.

    Keep us posted :)



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    Hey AnthonyJF,

    i am a long time forum reader first time poster. 

    i was in the same predicament not long ago however have opted to use CDS and am pleased to say that I have found the process extremely smooth where both Oscar and Huss have operated in an efficient and professional manner. I decided to go with them as I did not have the time nor familiarity with that council however knew they had some good experience behind them within that municipality, never the less make sure you do your own numbers. 

    Fingers crossed all goes to plan, so far so good. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for someone to safely manage the process from A-Z. 

    More then happy to help out pm me if you want more details. Gluck. 



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    Thanks for the kind words DWolfe :)

    Yes Anthony I can most definitely help you out with what processes are taken in your development and who you will need to be contacting.

    I would definitely recommend Pillar + Post for project managing from A-Z. Have had numerous fantastic reviews from customers I've recommended across whom I've done the survey work for.

    All the best with your research.


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