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     Hi guys, I’ve got a huge area at the back of my property and I thought “why not put it to use?” I could certainly make money off it if I build a granny flat in it right? I could have it rented out afterwards! Anyway, what are requirements for building Granny Flats? Are the laws for building granny flats different from state to state in Australia? I live in Perth and I’d like to know if laws concerning granny flats here apply to those in Sydney too. 

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    Hi Phoebe,

    Amended R Codes come into effect in WA from 2nd of August this year.

    Media piece –

    Another media piece –

    And another one –

    You can also check out the official site at – you will need to know what you are looking for with this one.

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    Hi Phoebe,

    A granny flat is certainly a good income strategy for most people. The important thing is to plan the build so that it's attractive to the tenant. This means maximizing separation and privacy! Check out this guide on how to achieve this: 

    I hope it helps!


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    Hi Phoebe. 

    Granny flats go up fast. The pre-built stuff will go up about as fast as one from a home builder. Many people don't realize once you have closed the place in you are at the half way mark. So don't be fooled. Go with a home builder who has a portfolio of his own investments, as well as some he can show you.

    We do this for our clients but we are based in SEQ. Have a look at our website if you want and feel free to ask me some questions I will help you out as much as possible.

    Anyways, good luck and make sure you get your services separated, especially electrical!

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    Hi Derek,

    I am still not sure about the changes to the granny flat laws. There is a mention of "removing the requirement for the tenant of a granny flat to be a relative" Does this mean that the owner still has to occupy the front property? I have been trying to find something in writing which is understandable and which clearly spells out the rules but have not had much success. I have even written to the minister John Day – he has given me a I'm busy right now reply. Fat chance of getting much back from him!

    can you enlighten me with some information and even some links to the law as it stands now.


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