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    Hi all,

    I've entered into the 2013 MS Walk and Fun Run next Sunday 2nd June.

    I have set up a page where anyone wishing to donate can do so to this fantastic cause. Because the forum users here are such fantastic people (:D) I thought I'd post the link up here:

    A bit of background information:

    "I am taking part in the 2013 MS Walk and Fun Run in order to raise funds for people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is the most common disease of the central nervous system and affects more than 23,000 Australians.

    Did you know?

    * The average age of diagnosis of MS is just 30 years

    * MS affects three times as many women as men

    MS Australia aims to minimise the impact of multiple sclerosis on all individuals affected by the disease, as well as their families, carers and the community, by offering a wide range of services, equipment and support. MS Australia's goal is to assist everyone affected by MS to live life to their fullest potential and secure the care and support they need, until we ultimately find a cure."

    Every little bit helps guys. Look forward to gaining some support for this worthwhile cause.



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